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Who can sell books?

Only the legal copyright holder can sell a book on AfricanBooks.com. If you are a publisher with legal rights to sell/distribute books on behalf of their authors, you can also create an author account to do so on our platform.

How much does it cost to sell my books online?

It is free to upload and publish your books on our site. Every time you sell an eBook on our site you will earn your royalties and we will collect a small percentage from the sale to cover the costs of keeping our platform up and running.

How much can I earn?

At AfricanBooks.com you can earn up to 70% royalties on every sale. Our royalties payment scheme is agreed upon for each book you upload, meaning you will always know how much you will earn up-front. The royalties you earn are directly determined by the price that you wish to sell your book at. You can learn more about this in the information section.

Do you advertise?

We do not directly advertise for our authors and their books; however, we do advertise our site online and occasionally give book recommendations to readers. We encourage the authors who use our site, to take responsibility to advertise the books they are selling to their potential readers. You can do this by sharing the links to your book on your social media pages or among your friends and family. The more you advertise your eBook the more sales you will make!

Can I sell more than one book?

Yes of course. From your author or publisher account you will have the opportunity to upload and list as many books as you would like. You will be able to track the sales, royalties, ratings and other important information for each book you list with us.

Do I retain the rights over my book?

Yes of course! At AfricanBooks.com we are all about empowering our authors and publishers. You retain full ownership of your content and collect royalty payments on all the books you sell with us. We retain a small portion of each sale to help us cover the operational costs associated with our platform. This amount is set when the author choses their Payment Plan on the eBook pricing section of each book’s upload.

What is the difference between publishers and author accounts?

Author accounts allow authors to upload their own books. Whereas publisher accounts allow a publishing house to upload books by several different authors in whom the publisher has a legal publishing agreement with. Both accounts earn royalties however author royalties are much higher than publisher royalties since the intellectual property is that of the original writer.

What is your policy on plagiarism?

We respect authors and their work and therefore find plagiarism an unacceptable practice. We encourage all authors to site sources when writing. If books being uploaded or sold on our platform are found to be in violation of someone else’s copyright, we will remove them from our site and flag the author’s account. That being said, AfricanBooks.com cannot be held legally responsible for the actions of our authors or the content therein.

How do taxes and earnings work?

AfricanBooks.com does not employ the authors or publishers posting to our site. We simply provide a platform that enables you to sell to readers. Anyone with an author or publishers account is considered an independent contractor selling digital products to readers. As sales are made, you are responsible to keep track of your earnings, which are considered taxable income generated by your book sales. You are therefore responsible to report and pay taxes on these earnings according to your country and/or state’s laws. AfricanBooks.com will provide all sellers with a statement of earnings through the author/publisher’s portal. This will be helpful to you in reporting to your governing tax authority.

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